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4 Blood Sports

Hartog turned to Benjamin who was quietly fuming at being man-handled by Mustard Fingers next to him. A small snort came out of Hartog’s nose, as he enjoyed his guest’s discomfort and his face twisted into a dysfunctional smile, one … Continue reading

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3 Welcome to the Blood Derby

Last week Hartog completed his interview with Miss Amanda discovering the device found during Portia’s autoposy is an “InfoCap”. He uncovered two important facts: Portia had been the favoured girl of the Minister of Defence Howard McClean and she was … Continue reading

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2 Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda’s eyes lowered and her gaze held the warp and weave of her suit pants as she contemplated her answer. “As you can appreciate, Detective – my business is of a delicate nature and we normally protect the identity … Continue reading

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1 In The Whore-House

Hartog stood at the brothel door holding the tiny capsule between his bent pointer finger and thumb. He turned it over allowing what little sun penetrated through the smog haze to bounce off the titanium covering, then slipped it back … Continue reading

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